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Portal To The Public

Connecting experts and audiences. Portal to the Public works to engage public interest in current research and innovation. Our team partners with professionals working in science and technology who are interested in:

  • Training in science communication.
  • Developing outreach activities that feature current science research and innovation.
  • Reaching public audiences through existing Pacific Science Center events and programs.
  • Networking with local professionals who share an interest in outreach.

If you are science or technology expert, we can support your outreach efforts in a range of different ways (see below).

Our innovative Portal to the Public framework has been adopted by 43 other science centers, zoos, aquariums and universities around the United States. To find out more about the Portal to the Public Network, please visit

Science Communication Fellowship
Science Communication Fellows are scientists, researchers, and other science-based professionals who have been certified by Pacific Science Center as current science ambassadors and excellent communicators. Learn More
One Time Workshops
These intensive workshops range in length from three hours to two days, and prepare science and technology experts to engage directly with public audiences. Each workshop features activities that have been developed based on learning sciences research about how and why audiences learn in informal settings.
Science in the City
Science in the City brings scientists and public audiences together for casual conversations about current research. Each event will include a short presentation and Q&A. Periodically, presentations will include IMAX documentaries, planetarium shows, or hands-on activities. To learn more and get involved, please call Anna Ferrario at (206) 443-3641.
Broader Impacts and Outreach
The Portal to the Public team partners with individuals and institutions who are looking to develop, implement, and evaluate outreach and broader impacts activities. By working with Portal to the Public, researchers gain access to expertise in informal learning and evaluation, physical space for outreach activities, and event planning and program coordination experience. Pacific Science Center reaches diverse audiences across the state from preschoolers through adults, and has links to community groups, industry, and non-profits. Portal staff are available to work with individual grant seekers, or with groups who choose to aggregate funds to launch a larger coordinated broader impacts activity.
Curiosity Expo

Get set to get curious about a new topic each month at Curiosity Expo (lab coat not required!). Guests of all ages are invited to explore a different theme each month through hands-on activities and presentations by local experts, as well as featured IMAX® movies, stage shows and more.

To learn more about being a presenter and to get involved, please call Eve Klein at (206) 443-2381.

Two exhibit spaces (Portal To Current Research and The Studio) on Pacific Science Center’s floor are dedicated to showcasing local scientists’ advances in current research through a combination of digital media, graphics, objects and interactive displays and programs. These spaces feature new content every six months.
National Science Foundation
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.
U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services
This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.