Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

A partnership with the City of Bellevue, offering nature-based programs for all ages.


Environmental Science & Technology Practicum

Summer 2019 Sessions
July 8-12
August 5-9

Details for the summer 2019 sessions will be available this spring.

Do you want a career saving the world? Are you fascinated by tinkering and tech? Join Pacific Science Center at Mercer Slough as we explore green technology and engineering. Meet with local scientists and innovators, learn more about local issues, and even build an air pollution sensor! If you are interested in a green career, but want more experience and job skills, this is the program for you.


Program Details:

  • Grades: 9-12 
  • Where: Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center (1625 118th Avenue SE, Bellevue)
Past Professional Scientist Guest Speakers

Dr. Cody Schlenker, novel polymers for solar panels, Department of Chemistry, University of Washington

Dr. Paul McElhany, Ocean Acidification, NOAA

James Barger and Dr. Ellen Letvin, Environmental Innovation Challenge, University of Washington

Karin Bumbaco, Climate in Washington, Office of the Washington state climatologist

Dr. Meade Krosby, Wildlife and climate change adaptation, Department of Biology, University of Washington

Burton Hamner, small-scale hydropower, Hydrovolts

Amanda Bruner, urban runoff/becoming a scientist, Center for Urban Waters

Kit Paulson, urban watersheds, City of Bellevue Watershed Planning Manager

Dede Montgomery, Environmental Health and Safety, OHSU

Dr. Jim Thomson, Tidal energy, University of Washington

Elizabeth Wilmott, community responses to climate change, Climate Solutions

Ash Asad, Green buildings, McKinstry

Sono Hashisaki, Environmental assessment careers, Springwood Associates



Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center