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Science On Wheels – Science After School

Science After School programs are ideal for out-of-school care or after-school enrichment and science clubs. Each Science After School series consists of six one-hour workshops designed to enrich after-school time with fun, innovative experiments right at your facility. Entire series of sensational science await your students. Available in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Call (206) 443-2925 to learn more or check our Educator Guide. For Science On Wheels pricing information, please contact

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Program Length: one-hour workshop each week for six weeks


  • 24 participants per workshop maximum
  • Enough tables and chairs for all participants
  • Access to a whiteboard, if available
  • Access to water and electricity
  • One adult staff member or volunteer must be present


Grades K-2 Program Options

Healthy Habits: Fire up your neurons as you dive into the science of sleep, the fun of physical fitness and the nuts and bolts of nutrition. Investigate the good, the bad and the ugly of bacteria, and help the intestines squish food as you digest the components of healthy eating. Track your progress through the real-life game of wellness and have fun honing your healthy habits.

Give Me Five: Take your fabulous five senses to the max! Test your taste buds, dazzle your eyes with illusions, experiment with sound waves and make your own ear drum, make sense of scents, nose into the nervous system, and then discover how the brain unscrambles all that information. Sniff, taste, feel, hear and see your experiments!

Amazing Animals: Explore the birds, beasts and bugs from our fossilized past and from our everyday life. What did the owl eat for lunch? What’s edible dirt? From butterflies to cockroaches, shark teeth to animal adaptations, put your investigative skills to the test as you unearth fossils, meet live insects, make animal tracks, and even create your own specially adapted “futuristic” animal. It’s Animals…from A to Z!

Design Time: We’ve got challenges…we need your inventions! Use pulleys, levers, gears and gravity to solve problems like: How slow can you make a marble fall? How far can your catapult fling an object? How buoyant is your boat? What’s so great about gears? We’ll bring the parts – you bring your imagination!

Storybook Science: Science springs from storybooks as we start each class with a story and then delve deeper with activities and experiments. Use microscopes to investigate the miniature world of insects, compare your teeth to the fangs of a grizzly bear, create a boat that floats, and more!

Grades 3-5 Program Options

Space Safari: Prepare to blast off on a 6-week voyage of discovery! Focus on flight, engineer rockets, model a space station, operate a rover, go stargazing in a portable planetarium and analyze atmospheres. If space travel were easy, anyone could do it – find out why space exploration is such a challenge!

Forensics 101: Your mission: to acquire the scientific skills needed to solve crimes. Focus on fingerprints, crack codes, decipher handwriting, use chromatography to investigate a crime scene, analyze fibers, delve into DNA evidence, and practice your observations skills – can you tell if someone is lying? How much can you remember about an event? Then use all your forensic skills to solve the mystery of who stole the butterfly chrysalises!

Ooze and Ahs: Mix up mysterious goo and create colorful concoctions as you connect with chemistry. What’s Oobleck? What do dancing popcorn and a superball have in common? Make your own slime and S-T-R-E-T-C-H, bounce and plop it! Paint a magic picture with mysterious spices and experiment with liquids, solids and gases. Measure, mix and pour your way through some extraordinary (and popping!) reactions. This is a more advanced version of our K-2 chemistry series.

World Of Wellness: How can the choices you make each day affect your health for the rest of your life? Pick up the pace as you exercise and measure your heart rate with stethoscopes. Put your hand washing to the test – use ultraviolet light to see how clean they really are. Ever wonder what would happen if you stopped sleeping? Unravel the mysteries of sleep, conduct chemistry experiments, experience reality-altering goggles and more as you explore your very own world of wellness.

Physics FUNdamentals: Join us for a journey into the fascinating world of physics! From hair-raising static electricity to solar ovens and catapults to cracked eggs (oops! Bad egg drop!), you’ll experiment with Newton’s Laws of motion, acceleration, electricity and simple machines. Can your egg survive a ceiling-high drop? Can you run a fan using only light? It’s science with a sizzle when the focus is on physics!

A Closer Look: Take a tour into the tiny world of physiology! From the small to the invisible, master microscopes and then delve even deeper into unseen DNA and antibodies. Investigate organisms from the inside out – from pumping air into a pig’s lung to probing the indigestible remain of an owl’s lunch to dissecting a frog (yes, you get to dissect it yourself – or a frog model, if you would prefer)!

Geology Rocks!: Geologist needed! Sift through sand, investigate volcanoes and grow your own crystals in this rockin’ series about geology. Can you create an erupting model volcano? Can you crack the mystery behind a geode’s outer shell? Find out as you piece together clues to the unique geological history of the Pacific Northwest.

Questions? Review our Science On Wheels – Frequently Asked Questions.

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