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STEAM Power 2022: Virtual Workshop

Using the Curio Interactive system

Pacific Science Center proudly partners with the Museum of Pop Culture and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center to bring teachers STEAM Power, a day dedicated to inspiring and supporting educators in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).

Take part in three virtual workshops and a stimulating keynote. These workshops are designed especially for educators addressing a broad spectrum of STEAM learning, highlighting key topics from each organization’s specific areas of expertise, taught by each organization’s staff and professional educators.


STEAM Power 2022

March 12, 2022 | 9:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. | Special Virtual Price: Free!

4.5 WA State STEM Clock Hours available.

2022 Workshops

Take part in all three of the following skill-based workshops that tap into museum content through activities and approaches you can use in your classroom.

mRNA vaccine: The mRNA vaccine and the Science of Storytelling | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center
Explore the creation story of the mRNA vaccine including the scientific discovery, timeline, technology, engineering, data, and art used to develop the vaccine. Develop a lesson plan in which students use these same principles to understand the development of the vaccine, create their own vaccine development timeline, and produce a COVID-19 vaccine Public Service Announcement to inform a larger audience of the vaccine’s story and impact.

Beyond the Classroom: Using community science to connect learners to real world STEM | Pacific Science Center
Explore active community science projects that you and your students can engage with to put field research into the hands of your learners. Support your students as they contribute to the science community and learn how STEM professionals utilize data sets from every day scientists like them. Discover how participation in the featured community science projects connects with and supports NGSS and in-classroom units.

Cli-Fi: Fighting Climate Change with Science Fiction | Museum of Pop Culture
How can science fiction help students understand and address climate change? We’ll review the basic science of Earth’s climate and the proven causes of climate change and global warming. Drawing on MoPOP’s science-fiction collection, we’ll investigate how science-fiction creators link real technology with possible climate crisis futures to prompt discussions, advocate for change, and inspire new solutions. With our own carbon footprints as a guide, we’ll use modern technology to inspire technological climate change solutions. Participants will leave with tools to run simple climate experiments and sci-fi inspired engineering challenges in their classrooms.

2022 Keynote Speakers

Meet two scientists from Bristol Myers Squibb who are helping bring cancer therapies to patients.

Dr. Teresa (Teri) Foy, Ph.D. is a Senior Vice President for Research and Early Development Immuno-Oncology and Cell Therapy, and has engaged in research that has advanced the cell therapy pipeline. 

Dr. Anne Gillies, Ph.D. is a former high school teacher and is a Deviation Approver, providing quality assurance review in the manufacturing process.

At this keynote, you’ll learn about the process of creating innovative cell therapies for cancer patients from research to manufacturing, their career paths, and their passion for STEM education.


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