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Science On Wheels – Early Learners

Early Learner programs are designed to ignite curiosity and create excitement for science, whether during the school day or at weekend or evening family events. Programs are only available in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. 

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SENSE-sational Science Show

Explore your fabulous five senses! Put your taste buds to the test, make “scents” of mysterious odors, open your eyes to illusions and more! Geared toward audiences in grades PreK-2. A controlled fire demonstration (optional) is included in this show.


  • 400 participants maximum
  • Large area such as a gym or multipurpose room
  • A stage or performance area
  • Two large tables for presenter(s)
  • Access to water and electricity
  • Access to a sound system, if available
  • This show must be performed inside
  • Controlled fire demonstration (optional) requires a ceiling height of at least 12 feet
  • Call (206) 443-2925 for more information

Storybook Science Workshops

Science springs from storybooks as we start class with a tale and then delve deeper with hands-on activities and experiments. Use microscopes to investigate the miniature world of insects, compare your teeth to the fangs of a grizzly bear, create a boat that floats and more. Each workshop is 45 minutes long.


  • 24 participants per workshop maximum
  • Access to a whiteboard, if available
  • Tables and chairs for participants
  • At least one staff member or adult must be present
  • Workshops must be scheduled consecutively on the same day
  • Boats Afloat and Creating Color workshops require access to water

Boats Afloat
Who made the boat sink? Let’s find out through a topsy turvy tale, and then, discover how weight, size and shape affect buoyancy Test the buoyancy of several objects and then put your creativity to work as you design and build your own ship out of clay. Onward to sea trials…will your boat float? How about while carrying cargo?

Read a story about a boy, a bridge and a troll, and learn about different types of bridges and the forces that act on them. Test and redesign a spaghetti bridge to make it stronger, and put your creativity to the test as you build your own bridge design out of blocks.

Creating Color
Listen to a story about warthogs discovering color. Explore primary and secondary colors, learn about the color wheel, and do some color experiments of your own!

Incredible Insects
Read a fun book about a girl who loves insects. Meet some real cockroaches and use microscopes and magnifiers to discover the difference between insects and other animals.

Making Music
Read about a boy who loves to play the trumpet. Experiment with sound waves and discover fascinating percussion instruments, then try your hand making music of your own!

Tooth Sleuth
Hear a hysterical tale about rotten teeth! Investigate your own teeth, compare them to the teeth of ferocious creatures and check out some of the grossest rotten teeth from real mouths.

Questions? Review our Science On Wheels – Frequently Asked Questions.

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