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Science On Wheels – Fairs & Festivals

Enhance your fairs, festivals and other events with Pacific Science Center’s science, math and engineering exhibit sets and science shows. Programs for fairs and festivals can be booked individually or combined for a more wide-ranging experience. Programs other than those listed below may be available, including workshops, booth activities and more. Please call (206) 443-2925 for more information.

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Science Shows

40 minute live science shows present scientific content and methods in a compelling and fun presentation. Audience participation and giant props make science pop with excitement. Requires use of PA system. 

Choose from the following shows:


How do we use math in our everyday lives? What would happen if we decided not to use math? How can math be used to help create a colorful chemical reaction? Explore the many ways we use numbers, shapes, probability and measurement every day and how we would be lost without them. This interactive show uses volunteers, games and a thrilling chemical reaction to demonstrate that math truly is a blast.

Super Cool Science Show

Discover what happens when things get super cool with liquid nitrogen! Watch as gases become liquids, liquids become solids and matter fizzes, freezes and flies.

Radical Reactions

Chemistry explodes onto the scene with radical reactions, where flames ignite in blue and green and rainbows exist in glass tubes.

Volts and Jolts

Electricity is illuminated in a series of shocking experiments! Explore the properties of electricity with our hair-raising Van de Graaff Generator and Tesla Coil.

SENSE-ational Science

Explore your fabulous five senses! Put your taste buds to the test, make “scents” of mysterious odors, open your eyes to illusions and more! Geared toward PreK-2.

Exhibit Sets

Transform any large room into a science center! These hands-on science exhibit sets are designed to be an engaging “science playground” for all participants.

Choose from the following topics:

  • Agricultural Science*
  • Astronomy
  • Engineering*
  • Geology*
  • Math
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Physiology/Anatomy

*Exhibits available in English and Spanish


  • 25′ x 25′ covered area
  • 10-12 large tables
  • Access to electricity for most exhibit sets

Questions? Review our Science On Wheels - Frequently Asked Questions.

Not sure what you're looking for? Programs can be adapted to fit your needs. Call (206) 443-2925 or email edprograms@pacsci.org.

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