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Science On Wheels – Mathblast

Mathblast takes students on a mathematical journey far beyond arithmetic. Students practice probability, reflect on symmetry, focus on fractals and more as they discover the many ways you can have fun while manipulating math.



Help our aspiring game show host ”Find the Math” as they discover permutations by looking in a clothes closet, study scale and spatial reasoning by packing a lunchbox and predict the probability of a rubber chicken dancing by itself.


  • A stage or performance area
  • One large table for presenter(s)
  • Access to electricity
  • Access to sound system, if available



Math is everywhere, from maps to quilts to fitting toys in a box. Observe how beautiful fractals resemble patterns in nature. Piece together puzzles, from pentominoes to 3D buckyballs. How many ice cream flavor combinations can you make? What are the chances you will pull a matching pair of socks from a dryer? These exhibits remind us how we use math every day!


  • 8-10 large tables (no chairs)
  • Access to electricity
  • Depending on package, adult volunteers may be required to facilitate exhibits



45-minute hands-on workshops are taught in your classrooms. Each educator can choose a topic from the list below for the appropriate grade level.

Grades K-2

Mirror Image: Explore the world of symmetry while playing “The Reflection Game” using PentaBlocks™! Design colorful, symmetrical patterns and find symmetry in the world around you. Document camera highly recommended.

Sometimes Never: Take a spin with a colorful probability device to find out the chances of going to recess or visiting the library. Check predictions by recording spinner results on a wooden tile board to make a bar graph. Document camera highly recommended.

Big Things, Little Things: Our story of chickens in space initiates your exploration of perspective and scale. Match three-dimensional objects to aerial photos and discover that close-up objects appear larger and far away objects appear smaller.

Grades 3-5

Puzzling Pentominoes: Puzzled about pentominoes? A pentomino is a special arrangement of five squares that can make pictures and letters if you piece them together just right. Exercise your spatial reasoning using these cool puzzle pieces. Document camera highly recommended.

Collect All 4: How much money will you have to spend to collect all four of our unique cereal box characters? Dig deeply into “cereal” and wallets to graph and explore probability through the popular world of collecting. Document camera highly recommended.

Code Breakers: Did you know codes and ciphers are based on mathematical reasoning? Discover the math in real-world codes and ciphers by exploring secret messages. Break historical codes, decipher mysteries, and create your own form of communication based on logic and patterns. Document camera highly recommended.

Grades 5-8

Dynamic Dice: Explore polyhedrons while designing and playing carnival dice games. Game operators calculate and convert probabilities to choose prizes. Compare predicted probabilities to results. Document camera highly recommended.

NetShape Navigator: Learn to recognize the patterns in geometric solids by using fun Polydron™ manipulatives. Discover the mathematical connections between geometric solids and their “networks” or “nets” – a flat drawing that can be folded to form a 3-D solid. Document camera highly recommended.

Fabulous Fractals: Through exploration of everyday objects and exotic art, learn more about this living branch of mathematics that can help us understand chaotic events like weather or geometric patterns in nature. Document camera and DVD playing capabilities highly recommended.


  • Access to a whiteboard recommended
  • Tables and chairs for participants
  • At least one staff member or adult must be present
  • Each workshop can be taught only once during each time block even if it is listed for two different age groups
  • Workshop specific requirements are noted in each description

Questions? Review our Science On Wheels – Frequently Asked Questions.

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