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Spring Fling at Pacific Science Center

April 1-14, 2019

Flowers are blooming around our historic courtyard, birds are chirping as they swim and splash in our ponds, and butterflies are taking flight; spring has sprung at Pacific Science Center! Join us for Spring Fling, April 1-14, where we’ll explore the science behind the changing seasons.

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Activities and Shows

Witness the symbiotic relationship between butterflies and flowers at our new Living Wall exhibit inside the Tropical Butterfly House, or discover the amazing camouflage abilities of animals at the Masters of Mimicry science show. Learn about spring equinox and the stars in our sky at The Spring Sky planetarium show. Discover the power of pollination with our Fantastic Flora interactive activity, and get up close and personal with butterflies to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

Complete your visit with one of our many IMAX documentaries: learn about the 100-million-year journey of Sea Turtles in Turtle Odyssey, soar with monarchs in Flight of the Butterflies, or learn all about the amazing abilities of human’s best friend in our newest documentary Superpower Dogs.

Celebrate spring at Pacific Science Center, where curiosity is always in bloom.