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Incredible VR experiences all summer at PacSci.

This summer, we’re featuring an awe-inspiring collection of immersive experiences you’ll have to see, feel and even smell (yes, smell) to believe. It’s part of our What is Reality experiment; an astounding marriage of tech, art and storytelling changing the landscape of VR as we know it.  All of these experiences are included with a General Admission ticket.



Embody a tree as you rise from a tiny seedling to a towering tree and feel its ominous fate.

Life Of Us

Grab your friends for this multi-person experience where you’ll personify dozens of creatures on a mind-altering, one-billion-year evolutionary ride.



This local start-up has built a truly interactive VR adventure that lets you see, hear, feel and smell the action as you race to rescue an ancient world.

Click Effect

Explore the ocean like never before in this beautiful, immersive, award winning film about free diving with whales and dolphins.


These are just a few of the many experiences that will be rotating all summer long. Visit and discover them all.

Learn more about two of our newest experiences in this quick PacSci Podcast:

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