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Camps for Curious Minds Scholarship Program

Kids participating in summer camp activities

Send a Curious Mind to Camp

Camps for Curious Minds inspire big ideas through hands-on experiences. They provide the perfect opportunity for young scientists to explore, experiment, and discover.

The average cost of attending is $500 for a week-long camp, which includes meals, early drop-off and late pick-up.

As a part of providing access to science and curiosity for all, low-income families can apply for scholarship to attend camp. This program is only made possible because of the generosity of the PacSci donor family.

When you support camp scholarships you help enable access to more families in our community. Plus, you relieve stress from parents and give children something to look forward to when school is out.

For a taste of what happens during our camps, watch the short video below:

Young learners in our community are counting on you. Will you make a donation toward a camp scholarship this summer?

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