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Friday, June 28

21+ Event

Friday, June 28

Science On Wheels Request Form

Thanks for your interest in Pacific Science Center’s Science On Wheels outreach program. Please fill out the form with as much information as you can. Explore our website or our Educator Guide to see our menu of options. Once you have submitted the form, our registration specialists will then contact you to finalize the reservation. When the reservation is finalized, we will email you a confirmation.

To ensure available dates, program topic choice, and to allow time to plan, we recommend that you inquire about your program as early as possible. Science On Wheels reservations must be finalized at least two weeks prior to the date of the program.

For those interested in our Summer Science Series, please use the request form on this page.


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    Below is a list of our programs by type. To inquire about a program, find a program type and select a theme preference in the dropdown menus below. If you are interested in learning about more programs, please leave a note in the comment section below.
  • Whole School Experience - Our most popular option for schools! Combine the best of what Pacific Science Center offers and engage all of your students the entire school day. This program includes a morning assembly, a full day of exhibit sets, and interactive workshops based on the topic of your choice. (Package size is based on the number of students you would like to participate.)
  • Science Shows: A 40-minute live science presentation on your chosen science topic. This is among the best options for raising the spirit of exploration for large groups. (up to 400+ learners)
  • Exhibits: Turn your space into a mini museum of interactive exhibits focused on your chosen science topic! Perfect for those with room for a large number of people to explore. (Three hours minimum)
  • Science Workshops: Hands-on classroom lessons on your chosen science topic. This allows for more personal education experience and deeper critical thinking for your learners. Select a science theme below. (up to 32 students per workshop for schools; up to 24 for out-of-school programs)
  • Planetarium: Engaging lessons that allow your learners to observe the stars inside an inflatable planetarium. Lessons are personalized for each audience interested in exploring something out of this world. (up to 32 learners per lesson)
  • Science After School Series: Hands-on and engaging workshops that challenge students to continue their learning outside of the classroom. This series includes six one-hour workshops scheduled over six weeks. (up to 24 learners)
  • Summer Science Series: Engage your learners during their summer break. This series includes five hour-long workshops scheduled across five days or five weeks. Themes and topics vary each summer. (up to 24 learners) Please use our Summer Science Series request page

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  • Science On Wheels is dedicated to offering access to quality STEM education for all. Thanks to generous contributions by corporate and private donors, we may be able to offer program subsidies to organizations and schools that primarily serve low-income students. Subsidies are generally awarded based on Free and Reduced Lunch Program percentages. If you are interested in a subsidy discount, please estimate the percent of learners you serve that are defined as low-income by Free and Reduced Lunch Program percentage or another metric your organization uses.

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