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3D Workshops Coming Soon

Tinker Tank is busy developing new curriculum for fall 2016. One thing that we are very excited about is our 3D modelling workshops that will be offered in September. We wanted to give you a sneak peak into what we are working on.

One of our favorite programs to 3D model with is TinkerCAD because it is free, easy to use, and cloud-based. You can follow along with how we used TinkerCAD to design a 3D printable bowtie for our Baxter robot here.

If you come up with a cool 3D model, please share it with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Tag us @pacsci #pacscitinkertank with a link to your model. We’ll choose our favorite models to print every month. Winners will receive a 3D print of their model and 2 passes to Pacific Science Center.

More info coming soon. The best way to keep up with all things Pacific Science Center is to subscribe to our newsletter. Use the form at the bottom of this page.

Learn more about our 3D workshops in this quick PacSci Podcast:

Maker Volunteers Needed


Do you love making things, tinkering with objects, building with mechanical parts or experimenting with electronics? Share your passion for making things with others by becoming a Tinker Tank Facilitator Volunteer. Learn More

Come check out Tinker Tank, our hands-on design space, in Building 3 by the Denny Way windows. This bright space offers staffed, hands-on activities on everyday 1-5 p.m. When the space is not staffed it’s open for exploring paper folding with a variety of origami patterns.

We experiment with aerodynamics using some wind tables (vertical wind tunnels), gravity walls, cardboard amusement parks, Keva blocks, electric circuits and much more. We change the activity every couple of months which means you can always expect something new and interesting. We design activities that are hands-on, open ended and encourage people to try out different ways of thinking. We welcome everyone and believe that everyone has the ability to be an innovator and create something amazing

Tinker Tank is founded on the idea of iterating and learning through failure. You are going to have opportunities to build and design and opportunities for those designs not to work. We want to give you the tools you need to keep going, to new approaches, and to be proud of your work. During our facilitated activity hours, staff and volunteers are on hand and eager to help you figure out challenges and help explore new ideas together. In Tinker Tank there are no right answers, but only different ways of thinking about a problem.

Jen Fox - Maker In Residence

Meet Our Maker in Residence
Pacific Science Center now has a Maker In Residence. She is Jennifer Fox, a very sharp maker, tinkerer, self-described engineer/maker/educator who loves explaining how you can learn how things work, how to create things, how to fix things, and a whole lot more. She can be found in Tinker Tank most Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Learn more about her in this short PacSci Podcast: