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Tomorrow Corps

A new mobile adventure game by Artifact Technologies for Pacific Science Center.

Pacific Science Center is thrilled to be the national pilot location for a new mobile adventure game called Tomorrow Corps from Artifact Technologies. As the first official Recruiting Center for Tomorrow Corps in the World– and you’re among the very first to receive training from some of the greatest scientific minds in history! The Mentors are Holographic Scientist Simulations (or HSS)– comprised of advanced technology and a nearly infinite database of research and discovery from every corner of the globe, and every branch of Science!

For a limited time, an introductory version of the game can be played for FREE at Pacific Science Center. Tomorrow Corps is a location-based game, which means the experience takes place while you’re at Pacific Science Center. Players answer a series of challenges placed throughout the Science Center while learning about some of the most interesting and impactful scientists and explorers from throughout history.

Upon completion, players are rewarded with a set of custom scientist trading cards, featuring luminaries from our own community and from the world of science.

Your feedback is important to us! Please be sure to take the short survey when you complete the game.

The free game is available on iPhone and Android phones and can be found in the app stores by searching for “Tomorrow Corps at Pacific Science Center.”

Download the free mobile game before your next visit.

Player Photos

Here are just a few of the many photos submitted by Tomorrow Corps players.



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