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Transportation Month

January 9 – 27, 2019

All month long, PacSci is exploring the ever-changing world of transportation. As Seattle steps into a major transportation overhaul, PacSci dives into trains, air travel, biofuel, migration patterns and more.

Discover the past, present and future of the way we get around with the 45th Annual Railroad Show, PacSci at Night events and lots of hands-on activities.

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Transportation Activities and Events


FlyInside VR Flight Simulator

Fly high-speed jets, hover helicopters, and many other aircraft around a variety of locations and weather types in this custom flight simulator.

January 12-13 and 26-27

Bridge the Gap

Bridges and tunnels are essential to moving through Seattle. Build your own bridge and discover what makes it stronger. Will your bridge survive?

January 11 – 13 and 25 – 27

Model Railroad Show

Join us for the 45th Model Railroad Show and meet dozens of model railroaders and experience these magical displays.

January 19 – 21

Stop on a Dime

Test your engineering knowledge and build a vehicle that can stop on a dime in Tinker Tank.

Jan 19 – 25

Wind-Powered Vehicles

Create a vehicle that captures the wind, then redesign your creation to see how far it will go and how much it can carry!

Jan 12-18

Crash Test

Build and test a vehicle that protects your passengers during a crash in Tinker Tank!

January 26 – February 1